We live in a world of strategic planning, efficient and effective work force and the ability to train, mentor and guide our employees into becoming an asset for the company. But for one to achieve the mark of success on his body he has to work extremely hard and has to live and breathe for the company.

Organizations have certain eligibility criteria towards their hiring process but the real question to be asked is how we enter a place where there is already a narrow bottle neck towards getting a job. Either we are put on hold or are never getting a call back. Many civilizations have lived their lives utilizing the recourse of the world, and for them it has never been easy, when they started to dig into the mountains it was a very difficult task for them so they evolved and worked very hard and in the midst of their pursuit they innovated and added water into their digging process and found a new way.

We have to understand the true nature and concept of working. A job for most people is a hard and painful process but to some it is the safety and security of their livelihood.

Japan is considered to be a country where employees work passionately and long hours which can be stressful and exhausting but the progress of the nation is in front of us. There are many types of jobs while applying one can consider their options. Permanent-Full time work is considered to pinnacle of job hunting, if you have secured a permanent job status you are standing in a good zone for the time being. Contract Basis which is based on a contract according to the country laws can be 6 months or 1 year to 3 years. It is also considered a golden opportunity to excel to a desired position. Part time is a form of work that mostly focuses on daily wages but can be a stepping stone towards your goals. Part time doesn’t have that security of work.

Free lance has become one of the top demanded jobs in the world with many organizations save time and money by outsourcing their work but free lance can be considered a very risky type of work. Temporary workers are the people who are taken from different groups to complete an assignment or a project and as soon as the work ends so does their jobs.

Job hunting is a very delicate and stressful process but focusing on the types of work which are there at your disposal can enhance your chances of scoring a job as well understanding your desires and needs. We must utilize our time and efforts towards right decisions and learn from our mistakes.

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