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The concept of watch time became the talk of the world when YouTube changed its Partner program at the start of 2018 stating that a content creator must need 4000 hours of watch time and 1 thousand subscribers to be eligible for their Partner Program ( and through the changes the world started to focused more on Watch time and how many minutes and seconds does a user watch the desired content. Netflix according to collectively watched 1 billion hours of Content per week in 2017. Most of the Internet users of the world spent majority of their time on online streaming, and due to this fact many social media applications have been working towards a new and fresh option for users LIVE streaming.

Live streaming has become the most popular format of entertainment as it provides the sense of genuine and real entertainment to the audience who are watching, whether it be a live streaming platform like Bigo Live or it be a dating platform like Badoo, everyone is focusing more and more on live streaming content, Twitch one on the most popular online gaming platform has become lucrative balance for the online creators, according to blog.reelio a creator can earn a lot of money through playing games on the platform from acquiring monthly subscriptions to the channel, affiliated marketing, Twitch Bits, Donation, partnerships Personalized merchandise, Sponsorship and game and in game items. The World of Online streaming is slowly becoming the new face of Creators.

The four big guns of social media are not far from the race of becoming the number one online streaming platform, they have been working very hard to maintain the strong hold of the social media, as all four platforms live features are important for the world as combined billions of people use their Live feature for themselves, According to more than 2 billion users have watched Facebook live broadcast in the previous year. Instagram, twitter and YouTube are not that far behind. YouTube broadcasts its events live to the audience, from 2011 since YouTube have started YouTube live they have added many new features according to Forbes, Live automated Caption, live chat replies, location tags and super chat updates have been added to make it more interactive to the audience. Twitter has a unique form of communication with the world as the fewer characters makes communication easy and direct, While Instagram live is famous and is growing through the interaction of celebrities with their audience. Guide to Instagram Live highlights that its introduction to stories, and live feature has taken the world by storm, as people are more willing to watch live broadcast than to read an article about the issue. The world is seeing a big change in content and in the later years the face of social media will transform into a face of the world of live entertainment.

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